Sushi & Wine & ♥ Hashiri Shimokitazawa


“Hashiri” means the first of the season which is also called “Hatsumono” in Japanese.
On the contrary, the end of the season is called “Nagori”. In between “Hashiri” and “Nagori” is “Shun”, the ingredients that are in season.

“Hashiri” is always well-balanced with the umami, fresh scent and the guest’s palate ready for the upcoming season,
and it gives you an incredibly fresh and tasty echo of the new season. “Hashiri” is the most wonderful mark you can see when the new season arrives.

Our former sushi kaiseki restaurant “Hashiri” in San Francisco received a Michelin star for three years in a row.
At this new location “Hashiri Shimokitazawa” in Shimokitazawa reload,
our guests can enjoy the same quality of sushi and wine in a more laid-back ambience.


Offering a new style of
sushi and wine pairing

Our sushi chef and the sommelier from “Hashiri” San Francisco flew back from the states to open this new location
and created the menu that is customized to match Shimokitazawa’s laid-back feeling without losing the original “Hashiri” concept.
We offer the courses that are mainly designed around sushi, paired with wines that our sommelier handpicks
from our extensive wine list that boasts 120 different labels.


Chef / Satoshi Shirasu

Shirasu started his career as a chef at the Imperial Hotel
Tokyo's Sushi Nakata and moved to Jun Sushi in Shimbashi
where he gained even more experience.
He then worked as a head chef at Ichi Zushi
in Daiichi Hotel Tokyo before resonating
with Hashiri's values and joining the team.
I create menus based on my motto
"carefully understand the ingredients
to bring out the best flavor."

Head Sommelier / Masaaki Shigeno

Masaaki embarked his career in the hospitality and wine industry at Champagne Café Albente in Ebisu, Tokyo.
He acquainted with champagne and
Bourgogne wine under the guidance of the owner
and the sommelier, Satoru Miyazaki.

Masaaki later worked on developing a paring menu for Narukami Nishiazabu as a wine director.

After he served as a head sommelier at
Winehouse Minami Aoyama,
he joined Hashiri Daikanyama and San Francisco.


Sommelier handpicks best wines for your dinner from our stock of 120 labels, 400 bottles.

Our stock varies from French labels
such as Bourgogne to Japanese or new world,
or from classic to natural.

We are a quality wine boutique that has an extensive variety of different kinds of wines.

Our selection goes from a refreshing one
that pairs lightly with the meal,
to the ones that you want to spend an intense
one-on-one time with, and some are offered by the glass.

Pairing option is highly recommended as
it’s designed to go perfectly with our dishes.

Bottles can be purchased from our wine cellar as well.
Please inquire our head sommelier, Masaaki Shigeno.

We also have a stock of 7,000 bottles of
Bourgogne wine outside of our restaurant.


Hashiri Shimokitazawa

Address:Postal code 155-0031, 3-19-20 Reload 1-6 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

We are closed on Wednesdays and 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month

Hours: 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. last order